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PhysX plug-in for Maya
Latest version(s): 2.91 / 3.4
Type: DCC plug-in
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PhysX plug-in for Maya - plug-in that adds PhysX SDK simulation functionality to Autodesk Maya. Maintained by NVIDIA.

In addition, PhysX plug-in for Maya is default authoring tool for APEX Clothing module.



(valid for latest version of PhysX plug-in)


Important note.

Current PhysX plug-in for Maya does not support hardware acceleration for rigid body simulation. NVIDIA GPU is not required to work with the plug-in as well.

Version history

Version Release date Description
3.0 [New] Dec 11, 2013 Supports APEX 1.3 / PhysX SDK 3.3, deprecates support for SDK 2.8. Recommended release for APEX 1.3
Is available for download at GameWorks Download Center. Supports Maya (2010 - 2014), both 32- and 64-bit versions.
2.91 Sept 1, 2013 Supports APEX 1.2.4 / PhysX SDK 3.2.4, includes several bug-fixes and minor set of new features. Recommended release for APEX 1.2
Is available by request.
2.89 April 10, 2013 Provides support for APEX 1.2.3 / PhysX SDK 3.2.3, includes minor bug-fixes.
2.88 March 1, 2013 Support for APEX 1.2.2 / PhysX SDK 3.2.2, several bug-fixes.
2.87 Nov 30, 2012 Massive amount of bug-fixes, support for APEX 1.2.1.
2.86 Aug 22, 2012 Provides full support for PhysX 3 cloth authoring, introduces native time controls and stepping method attribute.
2.72 May 16, 2012 Minor bug-fixes and improvements over 2.71 version, Maya 2013 support. Recommended release for APEX 1.1
Is available for download through PhysX Registered Developer Program. Supports Maya (2009 - 2013), both 32- and 64-bit versions.
2.71 Feb 15, 2012 Updated 2.7 plug-in with several bugfixes.
2.7 Nov 1, 2011 New version of PhysX plug-in with SDK 3.1 and APEX Clothing 1.1 support.
2.61 Sept 9, 2011 Updated public release.
2.60 Mar 17, 2011 In terms of functionality this plug-in is similar to 2.60 PhysX plug-in for 3ds Max. Includes APEX Clothing pipeline.
1.04 Sept 10, 2008 Old plug-in by Feeling Software. Not supported anymore, source code is available.

Downloading PhysX plug-in

PhysX plug-in for Maya can be obtained at GameWorks Downloads Center (registration required)


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