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Latest public versions
Windows: 3.3.4 / 3.4.0
Linux: 3.3.4 / 3.4.0
Mac OS X: 3.3.4 / 3.4.0
iOS: 3.3.4 / 3.4.0
Android: 3.3.4 / 3.4.0
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NVIDIA PhysX SDK 3.x (PhysX Software Development Kit version 3.0-3.3; PhysX 3) is a physics simulation middleware, new major version of PhysX SDK released by NVIDIA in May 2011.

While PhysX SDK 2.x is based on patchwork design and old code base, developed in Ageia and NovodeX, new PhysX SDK 3.0 has undergone arhitecture and API improvements, code was cleaned and refactored, considerable legacy cluster was removed, new features were added.



PhysX SDK 3: Features in details | Official release notes | Online Documentation

Please Note: hardware acceleration implemented in CUDA and compatible NVIDIA GPU

PhysX SDK 3.x - performance
Performance improvements
PhysX SDK 3.x - rigid body
Rigid bodies and joints (Octodad)
PhysX SDK 3.x - ragdolls
Ragdolls (Bioshock Infinite)
PhysX SDK 3.x - vehicles
New vehicle model (PlanetSide 2)



Important note.

Since March 2015, PhysX SDK 3.x is available in source code distribution for Windows PC, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS free for commercial and non-commercial use without restrictions.

For more details on PhysX SDK 3.x paid support options or other supported platforms (consoles) please contact NVIDIA via

PhysX SDK 3.x source code can be accessed on GitHub | separate registration required (registration guide)

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Version history

Being in development for over three years, PhysX SDK 3.x represents a significant rewrite of the PhysX engine - this rewrite involved extensive changes to the API, removed legacy cluster and unified code base that effectively results in a new PhysX engine rather than a chart of changes based on its predecessor version.

Version Release date Description
PhysX SDK 3.4 Jan 13, 2017 GPU acceleration for rigid bodies, significant performance optimizations for CPU simulation, vehicle module improvements.
PhysX SDK 3.3 Dec 11, 2013 Vastly improved performance across all features, new Multi-Box Pruning (MBP) broadphase, improved cloth simulation (self and inter-cloth collision supported), reworked scene queries API, shape sharing among rigid bodies, minor changes and bug-fixes.
PhysX SDK 3.2 May 10, 2012 New alternative collision detection system (Persistent Contact Manifold), new friction model, enhanced vehicle and cloth simulation modules, refactored contact report API, many minor changes and bug-fixes.
PhysX SDK 3.1 Oct 4, 2011 Includes large number of bug fixes, optimizations. Contains various improvements for articulations and constraint solver. Introduces new PxCloth solver for clothing simulation. First public SDK that supports Android platform.
PhysX SDK 3.0 May 5, 2011 First public release of 3.x SDK series. Supports functionality of 2.x SDKs with various improvements (enhanced multi-threading, new vehicle model, etc), but some features are not fully complete yet (CCD, Deformables), as well as documentation, tutorials and samples.


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