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PhysX Fluid Demo
Latest version(s):
Release Date: August 12, 2008
Developer(s): NVIDIA
Type: Technical Demo
Hardware acceleration GPU
Official website

PhysX Fluid Demo is a technological demo showcasing SPH-Fluid (Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics) physics, developed by NVIDIA and released as part of GeForce Power Pack #1 in August 2008.

PhysX Fluid Demo consist of two scenes - an Outdoor and Logo scene. The user has no actual ability to control fluid simulation parameters (rather, the user can only interrupt the emitter by pressing "1" key), but can switch rendering methods, create rigidbody spheres , rotate and zoom the camera. The Logo scene doesn't support the ability to interrupt the emitter and spawn spheres for obvious reasons.

Up to 60 000 particles can be active at once, all of which are rendered as Space Screen Meshes[1].

This demo requires an appropriate NVIDIA GPU (~9800 GTX+) to run with decent framerate, since the demo is as resource intensive as it is.


Demo Update

NVIDIA released an update to the initial v1.0.0.9 of the demo, to v1.0.1.3 on August 4, 2010. Between the initial release and the update, there was almost an exact two year gap.

Release Notes:

Modding of PhysX Fluid Demo

Since original demo contains only two scenes with rather simple level geometry, certain users have discovered a way to enhance the demo with new detailed models (only possible modification).

Currently, three new scenes are available. Instructions and download.

If you're insterested in adding new levels by yourself, start with PhysX Fluid Demo (Modding) Guide.



  1. CUDA Fluid Simulation in NVIDIA PhysX. Mark Harris.

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