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PhysX Control Panel
Current look of PhysX Control Panel

PhysX Control Panel (Ageia/NVIDIA PhysX Properties Panel) is a part of NVIDIA Control Panel (currently) or dedicated application (previously), that allows users to specify how NVIDIA GPUs are organized for PhysX calculations, and select hardware PhysX acceleration mode.

Using PhysX Control Panel user can:

"Select a PhysX Processor > CPU" (previously, "PhysX > Disabled")
In this case, extra GPU PhysX effects will be calculated on CPU.

Important note.

This switch is related only to hardware acceleration feature. You can not switch off or disable software PhysX engine.

"Select a PhysX Processor:.. GPU model" ((previously, "PhysX > Enabled on.."))
You can dedicate one GPU fully to PhysX processing.

Important note.

Enabled GPU PhysX acceleration won't affect CPU PhysX games on non-PhysX SDK based games.

Previous versions

Previously, PhysX Control Panel from NVIDIA has existed in form of standalone application (installed with PhysX System Software), with almost same functionality.

NVIDIA PhysX Control Panel

PhysX Control Panel for Ageia PhysX PPU, however, in addition allowed to perform PPU diagnostics.

Ageia PhysX Control Panel Ageia PhysX Control Panel

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