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Novodex Rocket
Latest version(s): 1.1
Release Date: July 20, 2004
Developer(s): Novodex
Type: Technical Demo/Sandbox
Hardware acceleration PPU
Official website

NovodeX Rocket is a demo intended to showcase the features of the NovodeX Physics SDK, and to also act as a framework for developers interested in the SDK.



NovodeX Rocket was intended to be used as a framework for developers interested in the Novodex Physics SDK:

The current release of Rocket is available only in executable form, but stay tuned!--an upcoming release of the NovodeX Physics SDK will offer a complete source project for Rocket, so that you can customize the functionality to suit your game development infrastructure...
- NovodeX Rocket v1.1 (Help Menu)

The demo's extensible nature allowed users to create many different scenes using scripting. One user created a highly customizable city, built entirely out of primitive objects.[1]


Version 1.1 alone has over four-thousand downloads on GameFront, prior to 2011. The demo was talked about a lot back in it's earlier days of release, with most of the users only ever playing around with the built-in demos. NovodeX Rocket gained the most attention on the Fun-Motion forums[2], and the Indie-Gamer Forums[3].


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