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Meqon SDK logo
Meqon SDK logo

Meqon (Meqon Game Dynamics SDK) is real-time physics engine, developed by Swedish company Meqon Research AB. At September 1, 2005 Meqon Research was aquired by Ageia, both Meqon's software and staff were integrated into the PhysX development system[1].




Meqon was founded in 2002, with headquarters located in Norrköping, Sweden.

27 September 2004. 3D Realms has licensed Meqon for Duke Nukem: Forever[2].

In April 2005 Illusion Softworks (Hidden & Dangerous, Mafia and Vietcong series), has signed an agreement with Meqon Research for the provision of Meqon SDK for Illusion's forthcoming 3rd person action game scheduled for release in 2007[3].

July 2005. Meqon Game Dynamics SDK 1.5 was released, stated as result of over 18 months of in-depth research undertaken with many development studios, working across all platforms. Meqon 1.5 has brought some new features, like liquid surfaces, particle systems and serialization.[4]

In September 2005, Meqon Research AB was acquired by Ageia Technologies. Ageia has promised to continue support the Meqon Game Dynamics SDK for current customers of the system. However, since Ageia's PhysX SDK was based on other physics engine - NovodeX, with minimun traces leading to Meqon SDK integration, it can be assumed that Meqon was consumed just to avoid concurrency with PhysX SDK.


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