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Welcome to PhysX Wiki, global knowledge base on PhysX and related topics, part of project.

Being here for the first time, you're certanly wondering what exactly this "PhysX" thing is. There are several interpretations:

x PhysX - NVIDIA PhysX Technology. Marketing term, trademark, feature of NVIDIA GPUs 8xxx series and above.

Is used to designate ability of NVIDIA GPUs to perform certain types of physics simulation in hardware, and games that are supporting hardware acceleration features (such titles are running faster/providing extra content when compatible GPU is found in the system).

x PhysX - Ageia PhysX PPU. Physics Processing Unit, dedicated microprocessor capable of physics calculations through PhysX SDK physics engine.

Developed by fabless semiconductor company called Ageia. Released in May 2006 as PCI and PCI-E x1 (OEM) expansion card, in variants from ASUS and BFG manufacturers. After Ageia acquisition by NVIDIA in 2008, PPU production was discontinued.

x PhysX - PhysX Software Development Kit (PhysX SDK). Proprietary, multi-platform, free to use, fully-featured physics middleware.

Widely utilized in games (over 450 released titles) on PC and consoles. Substantial, but not main and only feature of PhysX SDK is hardware acceleration support.

x PhysX - PhysX Drivers, officially known as PhysX System Software (PSS). Software package, that is required to run PhysX SDK based applications.

Contains certain firmware and PhysX SDK engine libraries, thus must to be installed regardless to your GPU manufacturer. PSS installation requirement was depreciated in PhysX SDK 2.8.4 and above.

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