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PhysX Wiki is knowledge base, focused on consolidating PhysX related information in one place, for both consumers (PhysX games, Hardware PhysX, etc) and developers (PhysX SDK, APEX, etc).

Everyone is welcomed to share their knowledge, note however, that all contributed information may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. Please note that due to high spammers activity (and low user activity) account registration is now disabled. If you want to apply for wiki account, please leave your request at following forum section.

Currently PhysX Wiki is in beta stage - many content still may be missing, certain features may be not implemented.

Starting with PhysX Wiki

Haven't experienced wiki-type projects before ? Here are some links to give you basic overview of syntaxis and overall principles:

You can use Sandbox page to practice with editing and formatting.

Already an experienced user or active contributor?

Use this section of forums to post suggestions, request features and extensions, discuss Wiki structure and content.

Basic Rules

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