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Cellfactor: Revolution
No GPU PhysX Profile
Hardware acceleration PPU
Developer(s): Artifical Studios, Timeline Interactive, Immersion Games
Publisher(s): Immersion Software & Graphics
Platform(s): PC
Release date(s): May 8, 2007
Engine: Reality Engine
Genre: Action-Shooter
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player
Rating: Not Rated
Official website

Cellfactor: Revolution is a first-person shooter developed by Artificial Studios, Timeline Interactive and Immersion Games designed to show physics intense gameplay accelerated by the Ageia PhysX PPU. The game was released exclusively for the PC on May 8th 2007.

PhysX related

Using the Reality Engine and being designed to use the Ageia PhysX card, CellFactor Revolution features the ability to use your character's psychic powers to lift and toss practically any number of rigid body items and use them as projectile weapons along with conventional weapons.

Other PPU PhysX effects besides rigid body objects (barrels, boxes, crates) and ragdolls, includes various cloth objects (tearable banners, flags) and particle effects (debris, blood flow, leaking fluids from pipes and barrels).

Cellfactor Revolution - Physics bug
Unstable rigid body collisions

However, game has suffered from several bugs (like reduced collision quality and unstable physics interactions), contained disputable design decisions (for example, number of rigid body objects on levels was greathly reduced, in comparison to Combat Training demo) and was shortly abandoned by developers.

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