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APEX ForceField
Latest version(s): 1.3
Authoring application(s): N/D
Capabilities: Customizable force fields
GPU acceleration: N/D
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APEX ForceField (APEX F) is a PhysX 3.x exclusive module, which allows one to create customizable forces, which affect particles and rigid bodies that enter their area of influence. ForceField module can be used to implement effects like shockwaves, wind, dust devils or anti-gravity zones.

ForceField module is supported only on PC platform.

First public release - APEX ForceField 1.2 as part of APEX SDK 1.2.



Previous PhysX SDK 2.x provided similar functionality in a form of built-in "Force Fields" feature, however, it was not very efficient, since the SDK architecture prevented proper implementation of user-defined callbacks for force fields.

ForceField module is based on PhysX SDK 3.x, because extra freedom, allowed by double buffering and other architecture changes, ensures an efficient way to apply forces directly to the rigid bodies and other actors.

Authoring component

No information about authoring pipeline was revealed so far.

Runtime component


Version History

Version Release date Description
APEX ForceField 1.3 Dec 11, 2013 Supports PhysX SDK 3.3
APEX ForceField 1.2 Aug 6, 2012 First public release.


Latest APEX ForceField 1.3 module is included in public build of APEX SDK 1.3

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