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Hybrid PhysX mod 1.05ff is available

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New version of Hybrid PhysX mod was released today by GenL – yet another round of confrontation between Hybrid PhysX community and NVIDIA.

Release Notes:

1.05ff – 26/10/2011:
- added support for fixing new limitations introduced in 285.xx drivers and PhysX System Software 9.11.0621
- mod will now delete all application 3D settings profiles from NVIDIA Control Panel (prevents problems with known PhysX games)
- updated old patterns

As revealed in latest interview, NVIDIA still has no plans to support AMD + NV PhysX systems officially, but admits modified drivers as opportunity for users to achieve desired result.

For download, FAQ and installation instructions please refer to Hybrid PhysX thread at NGOHQ

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October 26th, 2011 at 10:17 pm

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PhysX: Fright or Delight

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Interesting technical article, called “PhysX: Lust, Last oder Frust?” has emerged on Tom’ today. It’s purpose is to revisit recent events in GPU PhysX (and CPU execution of PhysX effects) area – thus, basic knowledge of this topic is required.

Update: english version available

x87 vs SSE question gets updated with new CPU instructions tests of Mafia II:

(note: graph is called "vtune_metro2033", so some mistakes may take place)

As new PhysX SDK 2.8.4 with SSE2 compliler option is yet in beta, and Mafia II is based on SDK 2.8.3 – it is still relying on x87 instruction set.

Author correctly remarks, that moving from X87 to SSE usage won’t magically boost performance by 2x times, like several websites are promising, more likely 10-20 % or even less in real applications.

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Written by Zogrim

September 10th, 2010 at 3:59 pm

New Hybrid PhysX Mod 1.04ff is out

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GenL has released new 1.04ff version of Hybrid PhysX mod – now it works with 257.21 GeForce drivers and newer.

Update: Hybrid PhysX mod 1.05ff is available


This mod will enable hardware PhysX support for NVIDIA GPU, when non-NVIDIA GPU is used as a primary display device.

  • intended only for WDDM 1.1 OS (Windows 7) and NT5 WDM OS (Windows XP/2003).
  • only for multi-vendor multi-GPU configurations.

1.04ff – 29/06/2010:

  • removed support for fixing GeForce driver binaries as current 256 series don’t need this (dropped support of all older 19x series drivers)
  • added support for fixing a new limitation in PhysX System Software, introduced in 9.10.0223 (aka 9.10.0528/9.10.0529)
  • added extra optional command line files (nvsvc and PhysX related)
  • removed most of gfx/sfx stuff (the mod is now tiny and no more requires 96dpi mode)

You can download Hybrid PhysX mod 1.04ff from our server (not available, use NGOHQ instead)

Q: Why do we need both v1.03 and v1.04ff, which should I use?
A: If you are not going to use anything older than 257.21 – forget about v1.03 and use v1.04ff. The mod v1.03 is intended for old 19x series and 9.10.0222 (+older) PhysX SS.

If you update any component from the [old] 19x.xx and/or 9.10.0222 (+older) to [newer] 256 series and/or 9.10.0223 (+newer) – you should apply the mod v1.04ff afterwards. The mod v1.04ff will not help with 19x series GeForce driver.

For download, FAQ and installation instructions please refer to Hybrid PhysX thread at NGOHQ

Update: 1.04ff mod works with 258.69 Beta; 258.96 Beta/WHQL; 259.09; 259.31; 259.32; 259.47 WHQL; 260.63 Beta; 260.89 Beta/WHQL; 260.93 Beta; 260.99 WHQL; 261.00 Beta GPU drivers and 9.10.0224; 9.10.0512; 9.10.0513; 9.10.0514 PhysX System Software

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June 29th, 2010 at 11:30 am

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Release the Hybrids ! Nvidia reconsiders ATI+NV PhysX setups ?

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Users at NGOHQ Hybrid PhysX Mod 1.03 discussion have discovered awesome fact – with recent 257.15 GeForce/ION drivers combo ATI + NV PhysX setups are working without need to apply any modifications !

Quoting GenL, Hybrid PhysX mod creator

I’m seriously amazed… seems like you are right! I just didn’t test it yesterday because i saw a user report saying otherwise on another site, but now i’ve tested it by myself on Windows XP and Windows 7 x64 – it really works “out of the box” with 257.15.

In Windows XP i’ve just extended the fake desktop, and on Windows 7 i created one non-extended – that’s all i needed to get GPU-PhysX working. And even more surprising – timebomb issue is gone too, at least for its normal time interval (~30 seconds in FluidMark).

Originally, Hybrid PhysX configurations were officially blocked by Nvidia in Q4 2009.

Update: video from TweakPC, showing Hybrid system working with 257.15 drivers. In addition – tests by Geeks3D

What’s this – accidental mistake or permanent change, ticket to the bright future for Hybrid PhysX systems ?

Update #2: unfortunately, this was just a bug.

Yes, this is a bug in the latest build of PhysX that was packaged with the driver. We’ll be fixing this issue ASAP – the WHQL driver launching in early June won’t have this issue. – NVIDIA.

Shame on you, Nvidia. Anyway, we still have Hybrid PhysX mod.

Update #3: official statement from Nvidia

The fact remains that the investment to do a full QA cycle on this AMD/NVIDIA hybrid GPU configuration is beyond what NVIDIA can support at this time. The cost of maintaining AMD/NVIDIA hybrid configurations is larger than the development expense for PhysX, and I do expect that there are games and configurations where this type of system just won’t work.

Use comments to this post to provide your feedback.

Written by Zogrim

May 27th, 2010 at 11:35 am

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Hybrid PhysX: HD 5970 plus GTX 480 System benchmarks

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Pretty decent article emerges on TweakTown recently – it contains benchmarks of monstrous Hybrid PhysX system with Sapphire HD 5970 TOXIC card for graphics and GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 480 for PhysX calculations, coupled with Core i7-980 @4.2 GHz CPU and 6 GB of RAM.

Update: Another article from TweakTown. HD 5970 and HD 5870 with GTX 465, GTX 285 and GTX 260 as PhysX cards.

Hardly many people can afford such system, but at least, it is interesting read.

Written by Zogrim

April 30th, 2010 at 2:22 pm

WeeklyTube Issue 33: PhysX video overview

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SHADOW HARVEST – Official Work in Progress Trailer by BlackLionStudios

Trailer from Shadow Harvest, upcoming FPS with GPU PhysX support (at least, it was promised).

GenL’s Hybrid PhysX Mod 1.03 Part 2 by KilerChese

Demonstration of working Hybrid PhysX system with applied GenL mod 1.03

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Written by Zogrim

April 27th, 2010 at 11:08 am

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Hybrid PhysX mod 1.03 available

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GenL has finally updated Hybrid PhysX mod to version 1.03 – this release supports 197.xx GPU drivers and lastest 09.10.0222 PhysX System Software.

UPDATE: New Hybrid PhysX Mod 1.04ff available.  For 257.21 and newer GeForce drivers.

This mod will enable hardware PhysX support for NVIDIA GPU, when non-NVIDIA GPU is used as a primary display device.
- intended only for WDDM 1.1 OS (Windows 7) and NT5 WDM OS (Windows XP/2003).
- only for multi-vendor multi-GPU configurations.


1.03 – 21/04/2010:
- added support for fixing a timebomb, introduced in 196.75 and 197.xx drivers (gravity reverse + overall slowdown after a few seconds of PhysX processing)
- mod will now attempt to patch PhysX System Software files (helps to eliminate desktop extension requirement on Windows 7)
- mod will now disable “nvsvc” service autostart (helps to fix problems with fake displays)
- improved patching process (no more need to reboot in Safe Mode or terminate any process)
- improved patching logic (mod will no more try to patch non-existent files)
- improved accuracy of some patterns to avoid unnecessary patching

You can download Hybrid PhysX Mod 1.03 from our server (not available, use NGOHQ instead) *

Q: Is there a virus/trojan/malware inside? My security software thinks so.
A: Your security software can make mistakes and thus is unreliable, just like any other security software. There are no such thing here.

Update #2: 257.21 WHQL GeForce Driver and 9.10.0223 PhysX System Software are not working with 1.03 mod.

No need to use Hybrid PhysX mod with BETA 257.15 GeForce Driver.

Update: situation regarding Trojan alert. Aqusations by HardOCP. Responce from NGOHQ.

For download, installation guide and FAQ please refer to NGOHQ or our previous collection of links.

Use commentaries to this article or thread at NGOHQ forums to report errors/positive results.

* PhysXinfo is not responcible for any harm this file can cause to your system. Use it for your own risk.

Written by Zogrim

April 22nd, 2010 at 8:06 am

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WeeklyTube Issue 30: PhysX video overview

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metro2033 hybrid physx by tripkj

Metro 2033 title running flawlessly on HD 5850 + 8600GT (in PCI-Ex1 slot) Hybrid system with DX 11 and Advanced PhysX on.

Cryostasis TechDemo by arctic933

Cryostasis tech-demo on HD 5850 + 9800GT Hybrid PhysX system.

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April 5th, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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Hybrid PhysX: 197.xx drivers and PhysX performance fix

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Recent PhysX drivers 9.10.0222 and 197.xx NV GPU drivers are mostly incompatible with 1.02 GenL Mod for Hybrid PhysX systems (witch hunt, another round) – using this drivers set will results in Metro 2033 crashes, abnormal FluidMark behaviour and performance problems in other PhysX games.

However, user Containforum, known for his Hybrid PhysX installation guide and Catalyst 10.2 extended display fix, has come out with a solution – he created a “patch”, that resolves  performance problems (at least for FluidMark) and allows you to use Hybrid PhysX without necessity to extend display.

Update: You can download containforum’s fix 1.02 here (25 mb). GenL mod must be applied firstly.

Update #2: comment from GenL

Result can’t be called a “patch” anyway. This package contains several unmodified (unpatched) files from PhysX SS v9.09.1112 and v9.10.0129. While this can’t be a proper solution for newer versions of PhysX SS, i’m surprised it worked for people

Update #3: Extended display fix only.

UPDATE: Hybrid PhysX mod 1.03 released – with timebomb fix and lastest drivers support.

It’s recommended to use it with 196.34 drivers and latest PhysX System Software.

Please use this post or comment at youtube to report if this fix is working with other GPU PhysX games, or any problems you will encounter.

Written by Zogrim

March 29th, 2010 at 9:30 am

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How to set up Hybrid PhysX in 10 minutes: video guide

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Another nice video guide to Hybrid PhysX systems emerges on YouTube recently. Drivers installation, patching process with GenL PhysX mod and final test in Fluidmark – all in one continuous 10-min video.

Despite the fact that guide is Italian, english version of Windows was used, so it’s easy to follow the process just by watching video carefully.

Other guides you may refer to: Link#1 | Link#2 | Link#3 (Please note that most of them refer to old PhysX mod 1.01 – use 1.02 mod instead, download link above) | Link#4 | Link#5 (video guide) | Link#6 (specific details) | Link#7 | Link#8 (detailed) <- it’s recommended to start from newer links.

Catalyst 10.2 and extended display error fix.

Written by Zogrim

February 28th, 2010 at 3:52 pm

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