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Physics Engine Evaluation Lab (PEEL) is released

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Pieere Terdiman has announced the release of Physics Engine Evaluation Lab or PEEL – a handy tool (previously only used internally by PhysX team), that can be utilized to test performance, identify bottlenecks and determine simulation bugs of a physics engine in a number of specific use cases, thus providing a basis for further optimization and improvements.

Update: PEEL source code is now available on GitHub

We have used PEEL previously to prepare articles “Multithreaded performance scaling in PhysX SDK” and “The Evolution of PhysX SDK, performance-wise“.

PEEL 1.0 release is available for free with source code included, and features a default integration of various physics engines (Newton 3.13/3.9, Bullet 2.79/2.81/2.82, PhysX 2.8.4, a number of PhysX 3.x releases, even an early PhysX 3.4 branch) and collision libraries (OpCode 1/2).

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April 4th, 2015 at 9:55 pm

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Preliminary PhysX FleX integration into Unreal Engine 4 is available

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NVIDIA FleX is the new GPU accelerated particle-based simulation library. The core idea of FleX is that every object is represented as a system of particles connected by constraints. Such unified representation allows efficient modeling of many different materials and natural interaction between elements of different types, for example, two-way coupling between rigid bodies and fluids.

Update: FLEX SDK 0.8 can now be downloaded through GameWorks Download Center

Interested developers may be pleased to hear that NVIDIA has already completed basic integration of FleX solver into Unreal Engine 4, and it can be freely obtained with one specific UE4 source code branch at GitHub.

Standalone FleX SDK and sample demo executable (as showcased below) are also included in the package.

To get access to the UE4 source code branch with FleX integration few steps are required:

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March 14th, 2015 at 5:46 pm

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PhysX SDK 3.3 source code is now available for free

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Quite astonishing news are coming from Game Developers Conference 2015 – NVIDIA has just announced that latest PhysX SDK 3.3 is now available for free with full source code for Windows, Linux, OS X and Android. Source code release of APEX Destruction and APEX Clothing modules is also planned.

Update: iOS source now added !

Previously, only binary distrubutions of PhysX SDK were available for free for commercial (Windows PC) and non-commercial (Linux, OS X, Android) use. PhysX engine for consoles if still subject of paid licensing.

This desicion will certanly help to push PhysX’s already wide adoption among developers even further and put an additional stress on competitive solutions.

Full instruction on PhysX SDK source code access can be found here.

Update: Latest source code branch is located here –

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March 4th, 2015 at 11:11 pm

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