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WeeklyTube Issue 6: PhysX video overview

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Not much PhysX stuff this week, but we still were able to find some interesting videos.

Zombie Driver Debut Trailer HD by ZombieDrivergame

Carmageddon style racing game in top-down perspective.  Zombie Driver is based on Ogre 3d engine combined with PhysX SDK.

Nvidia PhysX FAQ, Tests, Benchmarks and more ! by megotrice

Decent PhysX overview – Batman Arkham Aylum benchmarks, on-screen commentaries, etc.

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October 10th, 2009 at 1:00 pm

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Official Nvidia position on hybrid ATI+NV PhysX configurations

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Back again on banned ATI+Nvidia PhysX configurations situation.  Initially, all the hype was based on e-mail from customer care support, while Nvidia official motives were undisclosed.  In order to bring some clarity, we’ve asked Nvidia for commentaries a while ago and finally recieved some answers:

PhysXInfo: Is it true that PhysX capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs and/or Ageia PPUs are disabled with newest drivers when a Non-NVIDIA (AMD) graphics card is present in the system?
Nvidia: It is true that running an NVIDIA GPU for PhysX with an AMD GPU for graphics is not a supported configuration. This mode was inadvertently turned on in a beta version of our Win7 drivers and on some older XP drivers. AMD does not support PhysX for their customers, and we don’t QA this configuration. With no QA, it is risky to run this configuration so we removed this capability in a recent driver release.

PhysXInfo: Can you please explain to us what factors have led to such decision?
Nvidia: Today NVIDIA’s GPU and PhysX drivers are interconnected to optimize performance. In the future we expect this interdependence to deepen. This alone makes it difficult to support a third party GPU.

In order to make sure our customers have a great experience, we QA every release of our PhysX or Graphics drivers by testing approximately 14 NVIDIA GPUs for graphics processing with 8 GPUs for PhysX processing on 6 common platforms with 6 OS’s using 6 combinations of CPU and memory. This is over 24000 possible configurations. While we don’t test every possible combination, it should be clear that the work and cost to NVIDIA is substantial. AMD does not support PhysX for their customers. Adding AMD GPUs would significantly increase the necessary work and cost for NVIDIA. We prefer to invest in inventing new technologies that give our customers great new experiences.

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Written by Zogrim

October 9th, 2009 at 10:44 am

PhysX Hybrid Setup video proof: HD5870 + 8800GT

with one comment has prepared nice video, showcasing how hybrid PhysX configuration (ATI Radeon HD 5870 for graphics and Nvidia GeForce 8800GT for PhysX) is handling latest GPU PhysX games using drivers, modified by GenL. Surprisingly it’s working pretty well – Batman Arkham Asylum, Cryostasis, Mirror’s Edge, Star Tales, demos from PowerPacks, even badaboom transcoding are running without serious glitches.

Update: the way with modified drivers looks wrong to you ? Try to convince Nvidia by signing “Returning PhysX to Nvidia customers“ petition.


Written by Zogrim

October 7th, 2009 at 11:00 am

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PhysX Destruction Demo from GTC: video

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User dolesistheboss uploaded nice HD video, showcasing PhysX Destruction demo from Jen-Hsun Huang GTC keynote. Description says:

The goal was to try and construct a wall similar to how it may be constructed on a movie set and break it apart in a realistic manor in real-time. In this scenario we chose to throw ragdolls at it to fracture and splinter bits and pieces off.

The demo uses PhysX 2.8.3 and a beta release of APEX Destruction.

Written by Zogrim

October 3rd, 2009 at 5:36 am

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WeeklyTube Issue 5: PhysX video overview

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While Batman Arkham Asylum PhysX boom is quiting down, videos from Nvidia GPU Technology Conference  are popping up. Most impressive, without doubt, was PhysX SPH Fluid demo which you can find here, but other videos we’ve found are also worth watching

Physx demo by legitreview

Wall destruction demo from Jen-Hsun Huang keynote at GPU Technology Conference. You can find description and hi-res screens few posts earlier.

Nvidia GTC: Impressive new physx demo by PCGamesHardware

Another video from GTC keynote. In spite of encouraging title, it seems that shown effects are based on standart offline animation plug-ins like Fume FX or Realflow, but probably some realtime PhysX simulation is included as well.

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Written by Zogrim

October 3rd, 2009 at 1:06 am

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Modded GeForce drivers: unlocked PhysX for Radeon ?

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It seems that some enthusiasts are trying to bypass ATI (for Graphics) + Nvidia (for PhysX) hybrid configurations blockage using modified drivers.

We’ll try to keep an eye on all developments and update this post accordingly.

Update #4: New 1.02 mod – now with 195.xx drivers and WinXP support – it’s recommended to prefer this one over 1.01 mod.

Probe #1: Modded 190.62 WinXP 32-bit drivers (useless)

Report: “Someone just took old files (from 185.68) and changed their resources and version info, to make it look similar to real 190.62. Needless to say, this doesn’t give you real 190.62 with all fixes and changes.”
GenL, NGOHQ forums.

Probe #2: PhysX Mod 1.01 x86 (not available) and PhysX Mod 1.01 x64 (not available) by GenL

(no support for 195.xx drivers currently)

NVIDIA GeForce driver 19x.xx PhysX mod [x86/x64] v1.01

This mod will enable hardware PhysX support for NVIDIA GPU, when non-NVIDIA GPU
is used as a primary display device.
- intended only for WDDM 1.1 OS (Windows 7).
- only for multi-vendor multi-GPU configurations.

Mod discussion at NGOHQ forums.

Update: Video, showcasing this Mod in the work.

Update #2: Officical Nvidia position on hybrid ATI+NV PhysX configurations.

Update #3: How to set ATI+NV hybrid setup guide

Please use comments if you want to report certain driver’s efficiency/uselessness

Written by Zogrim

October 2nd, 2009 at 2:03 am

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Game Engine Architecture and Nvidia PhysX: video lecture

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Driven by Joe Andresen from SUN Microsystems, this 51-minute long video lecture is part of Sonoma State University colloquium. Talk is covering some aspects about how PhysX SDK works in standart game engine environment as physics engine,  how to organize engine pipeline and rendering system correctly, etc – might be interesting for starting programmers.

Source: CSUSonoma

Written by Zogrim

October 1st, 2009 at 11:59 pm

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GTC: PhysX demonstrations from Jen-Hsun Huang keynote

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During opening Keynote with Jen-Hsun Huang at GPU Technology Conference, several PhysX applications were used to demonstrate computing capabilities of new Fermi architecture. We are now able provide a little more details.

SPH-fluid simulation with Navier-Stokes solvers demo was built using 128 000 particles to create realistic realtime water behavior.

PhysX_Fluids_1 PhysX_Fluids_2

PhysX_Fluids_3 PhysX_Fluids_4


PhysX Wall Destruction demo is using APEX Destruction Module to simulate wall being destroyed by the impact of flying ragdolls. Over 10 000 rigid bodies represents debris and wall chunks – all being processed and fully self-shadowed by the GPU.

PhysX_Destruction_1 PhysX_Destruction_2

PhysX_Destruction_3 PhysX_Destruction_4

Update #2:

Video for PhysX fluid demo available

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Written by Zogrim

October 1st, 2009 at 8:49 am

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PhysX SDK 2.8.3. available

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32-bit and 64-bit builds of newest PhysX SDK 2.8.3., along with 9.09.30 PhysX System Software are available for download at PhysX Developer Support site, but we think it won’t take long until SDK will appear as public download.

Update: Changes in PhysX SDK access procedure

Meanwhile, some highlights from Release Notes:


  • This release enables clothing simulation. These new features are required to run the APEX clothing module.
  • The release also adds a hierarchical solver for cloth (HPBD Solver).
  • Introduction of split pair notification for cloth (existed for soft bodies only in previous versions).
  • Improved statistics to track GPU memory utilization.
  • Updated with 64Bit Windows support.


  • The hierarchical cloth solver runs before the regular solver at each time step. This does not immediately improve cloth simulation performace. However, running the hierarchical solver achieves the same stiffness of the cloth with fewer solver iterations of the regular solver. Thus, the performance is increased by explicitly reducing the number solver iterations.
  • Added support to run force field updates on the scene’s worker threads.

Fixed Bugs

  • NxArray::insert() did not work properly if elements were inserted anywhere else than at the end of the array.
  • Crash when fluid tries to access invalid convexes. Mirrored convexes can get corrupted when a heap allocation fails.
  • GPU fluids: Force and deletion updates are performed on wrong particles in case the updates address particles that have been added since the last execution of NxScene::simulate().
  • GPU fluid mesh collision kernel crashes on GT200 cards due to heavily unbalanced workload.
  • GPU fluids: Releasing static primitive rigid body shapes has no effect on particle collision.
  • Concurrency issues with multi compartment scene configurations.

Written by Zogrim

October 1st, 2009 at 1:37 am

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ATI + PhysX ban: even Ageia PPUs are affected ?

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Following Geeks3D report on that recent driver update disables PhysX hardware acceleration not only for Nvidia GPUs, but for Ageia PPUs as well (if non-Nvidia graphics card is present in the system) we’ve desided to perform small investigation.

Test methodology is simple enough: we’ll use certain sample from PhysX SDK 2.8.1 Build 13 to identify if Ageia PPU is working and initializing properly with different PhysX drivers on several systems with Nvidia and ATI GPUs.

Used PhysX System Software – 8.09.04 (last one with direct PPU support) and newest 9.09.0814 installed above 8.09.04 (PPU won’t be recognised on pure 9.09.0814 drivers)

GeForce System #1 – GTX275 + Ageia PPU

ppu_080904 ppu_09090814

PhysX driver 8.09.04                                                         PhysX driver 9.09.0814

GeForce System #2 – GTX295 + Ageia PPU (thanks to JeGX from Geeks3d)


PhysX driver 9.09.0814

As you can see, in both cases Ageia PPU was recognised properly by the system, and hardware acceleration is working too (test applications indicates that both scene and cloth simulations are running in hardware)

What will happen if we’ll try same scenario, but now with ATI GPU installed in the system ?

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Written by Zogrim

September 30th, 2009 at 4:20 pm

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