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November 2012 release of UDK adds APEX 1.2.1 support

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Latest November 2012 UDK Beta release features updated NVIDIA APEX integration, which is now based on APEX 1.2.1 and contains a set of new features for Clothing and Destruction modules.

However, current release does not include APEX Turbulence module (moreover, there are no plans to release Turbulence publically), and is still using 2.8.4 version of PhysX SDK.

Release Notes

  • General
    • All APEX debug visualizations supported with “apexvis” command.
    • Get APEX stats with “stat apex”.
  • APEX Clothing
    • New embedded PhysX 3 cloth solver (old/new solvers will be auto-selected depending on the clothing asset type).
    • Local Space Simulation.
    • Improved material mapping allows actors to override asset materials.
    • Support for different number of LODS in clothing asset and skeletal mesh.
    • Fix for displaying correct physical clothing LOD in AnimSetViewer.
    • Improved DCC tools (2.86 PhysX plug-ins).

  • APEX Destruction
    • Voronoi fracturing.
    • Support moving actors.
    • Weapons affect APEX destructible in UDK.
    • Improved DCC tools (PhysXLab 1.2).

November 2012 UDK Beta can be downloaded from official website.

APEX 1.2 DCC Tools can be aquired either through PhysX Registered Developer Program or Developer Support Website.

Written by Zogrim

November 8th, 2012 at 4:29 pm

6 Responses to 'November 2012 release of UDK adds APEX 1.2.1 support'

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  1. APEX Turbulence won’t be public? But why?



    Victor Vorsin

    9 Nov 12 at 1:48 pm

  2. Victor Vorsin: APEX Turbulence won’t be public? But why?

    Maybe they think Turbulence is too specific and complex to give it to regular users just to “play” with.

    Developers with serious interest for Turbulence can obtain it by request anyway. Look at Hawken, for example.




    9 Nov 12 at 9:27 pm

  3. When you found out that the November 2012 release only has physx sdk 2.8.4. How did you figure this out? Did you look at NXcharacter.dll ??? and what exactly is NXcharacter.dll? i noticed it is not with the apex sdk or the physx 3.x sdk’s




    19 Jan 13 at 1:05 pm

  4. digitaldemolition: How did you figure this out?

    I’ve looked at .dll versions. And, obviously, UE3 won’t have anything but 2.8.4.

    digitaldemolition: and what exactly is NXcharacter.dll?

    It’s Character Controller module. In PhysX 3 it is called PhysX3CharacterKinematic




    19 Jan 13 at 5:06 pm

  5. Cool thanks for the information. I simply find it weird that from what it looks like to me. the ue3 engine uses physx 3.x extensions but not the actual 3.x sdk. and also that there was a video demonstrating a ue3 character running through turbulent particles and yet it looks bleak that ue3 will use physx sdk 3.x with the robust speed enhancements, and apex turbulence.Now if Epic Games were to use it for unreal engine 4 and drop support for udk that might make sense that they enhance the new engine with the latest physx features.




    20 Jan 13 at 6:38 am

  6. digitaldemolition
    The only PhysX3 part utilized in UE3 is the new embedded cloth solver in APEX Clothing module.

    It is unreasonable to integrate SDK3 in UE3 now, considering the amount of work, since the engine lifespan is almost over.

    As for UE4, it will use PhysX3 and latest APEX, yes.




    20 Jan 13 at 1:48 pm

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