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Updated PhysXLab 1.2.1 is up

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New PhysXLab 1.2.1 release is now available, offering support for PhysX SDK 3.2.1 and APEX SDK 1.2.1.

Update: PhysXLab 1.2.2 is released

Several new features, like ability to apply noise not only to back face, but also to interior faces in cutout mode are also present.

Detailed overview of other PhysXLab 1.2.x branch capabilities can be viewed here.

PhysXLab 1.2.1 – Release Notes

  • New Features
    • APEX 1.2.1 support.
    • PhysX SDK 3.2.1 support.
    • Ability to add noise to cutout faces.
    • Support for multiple interior materials.

  • Bug-fixes
    • Fixed DE6805: Mesh disappears when using UV fracturing.
    • Several UV-cutout bugfixes: DE6502, 6503, 6504, and 6505.
    • More graceful exit when running out of memory during project load (DE6762).
    • Fixed remaining crash in playground when using impact damage on Tesla cards.
    • Fixed DE6398, DE6449, DE6397: UV import errors with FBX format.
    • Fixed DE6451: Interior material settings are universal.
    • Fixed interior noise parameters not being set to default with new project.
    • Fixed DE6344: Cutout noise is flat-shaded.
    • Fixed DE6343: Triangles poke through mesh edges when using cutout fracturing noise.
    • Fixed DE6316: Lab 1.2.1 copies over 1.2.0 when installed.
    • Fixed DE6315: Materials setting for Multi interior materials are universal.
    • Treated DE6313: Using interior noise causes memory usage to skyrocket.
    • Fixed DE6279: Collision quality not giving fine enough results.
  • Known issues
    • GRBs are disabled in this version, due to a problem on older cards.

While PhysX Registered Developer Program website is still getting back on track, PhysXLab 1.2.1 can be downloaded through Developer Support Center.

If you are experiencing troubles with registration, please refer to our updated guide.

Written by Zogrim

November 3rd, 2012 at 2:19 pm

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3 Responses to 'Updated PhysXLab 1.2.1 is up'

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  1. Sweet! I was just thinking about this feature a few days ago. I like the complex interior noise. It really adds to the realism.




    4 Nov 12 at 2:44 am

  2. Hey do you know how to cut straight through a object like a cookie cutter? I keep using cutout mode and it makes a indestructible back or middle wall. I am not sure exactly which x,y,z axis coordinates to use to make it cut straight through without leaving a unbreakable wall in the middle or back.I keep trying +y and -y so i don’t have straight cuts. Here is my example




    8 Nov 12 at 8:54 am

  3. I figured it out! nevermind. I started from scratch instead of using the default project. I used my own drawn fracture map, then I simply used +y axis with 100 thickness. It sliced right through it like a cookie cutter without leaving a indestructible wall.




    8 Nov 12 at 9:31 am

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