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Updated PhysX plug-ins with full APEX 1.2 support have arrived

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New DCC PhysX plug-ins for 3ds Max (2.86.00806) and Maya (2.86.00820) are finishing the line of updated content creation tools, accompanying the APEX 1.2 release.

Update: 2.87 PhysX plug-in are released

One of the most import features of this new plug-ins is the introduction of the authoring pipeline for new PhysX 3 clothing solver (more details in our APEX 1.2 overview and this SIGGRAPH presentation), however, other improvements are present as well.

2.86.00806 PhysX plug-in for 3ds Max: Release Notes

3ds max plug-in is supporting both new embedded clothing solver (PhysX 3.x) and old 2.8.4 cloth – one can switch between the two using [PhysX Tools] > [Engine] > [Use PhysX engine] option.

Although basic principles of clothing authoring between two solvers are the same (painting cloth constraints and attributes, setting ragdoll skeleton, etc), lesser details and settings are quite different.

We are expecting updated tutorials on PhysX 3 clothing authoring process to be revealed soon.

Update #2: 2.86.00811 plug-in is now available

  • General
    • Updated PhysX 2.8.x & 3.2.
    • Updated APEX 1.2.
    • Latency modes.
    • APEX Clothing support in PhysX 3.x mode.
    • Clothing: New Clothing Sphere shape types for rigid bodies.
    • Clothing: Clothing baking data saved into modifier.
  • Bug-fixes
    • Fixed some issue when DAG nodes have the same name.
    • Fixed a few 2010 specific bugs (paint and export).
    • Fixes to pop-up viewers.
    • Fixed clothing paint value not always initializing correctly.
    • Fixed occasional crashes when open previewer.
    • PhysX Visualizer in previewer fixed.
    • Fixed clothing crash when saving file while still in paint mode .
    • Viewport 2.0 fixes.
    • Clothing baking fixes.
    • Fixed more corner cases such as looping, playing backwards, jumping backwards especially with Native Time Controls.
    • [.00811] Fixed tooltip memory leak.
    • [.00811] Minor UI tweaks (wording & typos).
    • [.00811] Resolved some UI rollout widths for windows fonts at non-default size.
    • [.00811] Fixed 2013 toolbar docking issues.
    • [.00811] Resolved several viewer crashes.
    • [.00811] Fixed crashes on previewer window usage.
    • [.00811] PhysxIntegratorClient fixes for ParticleFlow and mCloth developers.
2.86.00820 PhysX plug-in for Maya: Release Notes

Update [Aug 22, 2012]: 2.86 plug-in for Maya is now available.

  • General
    • PhysX SDK 3.2 support.
    • Updated APEX 1.2 support.
    • Full APEX Clothing support in PhysX 3.x mode.
    • Clothing: Clothing Connected Spheres support added.
    • Clothing: New material properties such as new stretch parameters.
    • Flip Disable CCD to Enable CCD.
    • Modify density units to match 3dsMax g/cm^3 instead of kg/m^3.
  • Native Time Controls
    • Enable/Disable via the solver (Disable to animate/scrub without causing simulation).
    • Support for play forward, step forward, go to end of playback range, go to beginning of playback range.
    • Support jumping forward with the direct time input or clicking on the time slider.
    • Support pop-up progress window for jumping more than one frame.
    • Support play-head tracking.
  • New “Step Methods” attribute
    • Dictates how the system handle the steps that are not on frame boundaries.
    • “Sample” (existing behavior), Maya produces the data.
    • “Interpolate” allows to more quickly produce the sub-frame data. But this can introduce quality issues for fast moving objects (linear or rotation) and following curved paths.
  • Bug-fixes
    • Tooltip memory leak.
    • Minor UI tweaks (wording & typos).
    • Resolve some UI rollout widths for windows fonts at non-default size.
    • Multi-editor controls enabled when they not appropriate by RB type.
    • 2013 toolbar docking issues.
    • Resolve several viewer crashes.
    • CTW values not all being updates properly on import.
    • Crashes on previewer window usage.
    • Clothing baking fixes.
    • PhysxIntegratorClient fixes for ParticleFlow and mCloth developers.

While PhysX Registered Developer Program website is still getting back on track, PhysX plug-ins version 2.86.00811 for 3ds Max (2010-2013) and 2.86.00820 for Maya (2010-2013) can be downloaded through Developer Support Center.

If you are experiencing troubles with registration, please refer to our updated guide.

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August 7th, 2012 at 3:25 am

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