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Batman: Arkham City PhysX benchmarks roundup

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Time to update PhysX performance metrics of NVIDIA GPUs with newest title with Hardware PhysX support – Batman: Arkham City.

In following article we’ve tried to gather all the benchmarks and tests, published on the web.

[25.11.2011] Batman Arkham City im Technik-Test: Grafikkarten-, DirectX-11- und Physx-Benchmarks by

German article with graphics benchmarks, overview of DX 11 and PhysX features, and a superficial PhysX tests.

[25.11.2011] Batman Arkham City GPU Test by

Includes PhysX benchmarks with over 20 GPUs tested, however, only on “High” PhysX settings without Hybrid PhysX or dedicated GPU tests.

[27.11.2011] Preview: Batman Arkham City – výkon grafik pod DX11/DX9 a PhysX by

Czech preview article with very basic PhysX benchmarking part (only one GPU tested).

[28.11.2011] Want to play Batman: Arkham City with PhysX enabled? Get ready for some abysmal framerates by

Despite of provoking title, measured performance is not that bad. Also, this is the first article with benchmarks of dedicated PhysX GPUs.

[30.11.2011] Waiting for the patch: Batman: Arkham Asylum in DX9 mode by

Russian article with some PhysX/DX11 effects overview and decent PhysX testing.

[02.12.2011] Technik-Check: Batman: Arkham City im Benchmark-Test by

Includes some benchmarks with different PhysX settings. Results are interesting – GPU PhysX effects on CPU (AMD card) are faster that GPU PhysX on middle-end NVIDIA cards (in this case, minimum fps would be more meaning than average).

[02.12.2011] Batman Arkham City, DirectX 9 e DirectX 11 a confronto by

Technology overview and minor PhysX testing.

[05.12.2011] Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Performance and IQ Review by HardOCP

Once again, disputable benchmarking methodology from HardOCP – NVIDIA cards are tested with GPU PhysX effects enabled and compared to AMD cards with PhysX disabled. Thus, it is shown what GPU PhysX takes – performance, but it is not revealed what it brings – additional effects.

[17.12.2011] Batman: Arkham City Performance Review by

Detailed article from a Korean website, however, PhysX part is most interesting for us.

[17.12.2011] Batman: Arkham City Graphics Breakdown & Performance Guide by

Performance and features overview from NVIDIA itself. Graphs are interesting, for example this one shows ineffectiveness of dedicated PhysX card usage in pair with GTX 560 Ti GPU.

[10.01.2012] Batman: Arkham City — podívejte se na PhysX a DX11 v akci by

Good technical review (in Czech) with strong benchmarking part (includes CPU tests, for example). For some reason, PhysX effects were tested only on “Medium” settings though.

[09.11.2012] Test – Bilan de PhysX en 2012 by Comptoir-Hardware

Huge article with set of benchmarks in latest GPU PhysX games, including Batman: Arkham City.

– We’ll update this post as more articles emerge –

Written by Zogrim

December 1st, 2011 at 1:13 am

5 Responses to 'Batman: Arkham City PhysX benchmarks roundup'

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  1. I’m now interesting in Deep Black – Reloaded. Shouldn’t it be released in previous month?




    1 Dec 11 at 3:00 pm

  2. mareknr: Shouldn’t it be released in previous month?

    Info now says “will be available in January 2012 for ESD and retail distribution” instead of November




    1 Dec 11 at 3:09 pm

  3. Ok. Thanks for information.




    1 Dec 11 at 4:35 pm

  4. You probably meant Czech instead of “Chezh preview article…”. And by the way, is created by czech well known nvidia hater :-)




    1 Dec 11 at 5:27 pm

  5. Vojtech:

    You probably meant Czech

    My bad. Corrected :)




    1 Dec 11 at 5:38 pm

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