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PhysXLab 1.1 released with APEX 1.1 support

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NVIDIA has released PhysXLab 1.1 Beta – updated version of PhysXLab, standalone authoring application for APEX Destruction and APEX Particles modules.

Update [14.02.2012]: Latest build of PhysXLab 1.1 is available. It is recommended to re-download it.

Update [16.05.2012]: Beta 3 version of APEX 1.1 is released.

Release Notes:

  • APEX 1.1 support (PhysX SDK
  • Possibility to have multiple physical meshes per chunk – convex decomposition (controlled by “Collision Quality” settings).
  • New options for “Playground” simulation – Radius Damage Tool, ability to throw or drop destructible asset, shoot it with box or sphere.
  • Separate pieces now detected by the FBX importer.
  • Can now import a multiple mesh and export without further fracturing.
  • Ability to cancel fracturing opertation – “Stop Fracture”.
  • Chunk instancing (correponding chunks between different destructible actors will be rendered through intance bufer).
  • Chunks tiling (matching chunks created from cutout fracturing will be instanced within the same actor, as well as referenced actors).
  • Visualization of instanced chunks.
  • LOD settings can now be applied to destructible in playground.
  • Supports ASDW keys to move camera.
  • Updated interface with support for all new features.

Bugs fixed:

  • Bad tangent generation fixed.
  • Large memory usage issues fixed.
  • (Upd) Fixed DE3765: Multi FBX assets have a material for each sub-object.
  • (Upd) Fixed bug with fracture map display updates.
  • (Upd) Fixed DE4048: Fracture regression from 1.0. Missing/misplaced triangles after fracturing.
  • (Upd) Fixed DE4144: Crashing when loading projects after loading null materials.
  • (Upd) Fixed DE3792: Not remembering correct slice values.
  • (Upd) Fixed freeze bug when bad fracture map is used for periodic tiling.
  • (Upd) Fixed known issue of parameters not resetting when projects are loaded.
  • (Upd) Robusteness improvements for the default material.
  • (Upd) Fixed DE4027: Fracture maps using incorrect scaling.
  • (Upd) Fixed .TGA material texture map import crash bug.
  • (Upd) Fixed DE3731: Particle side is broken in PhysXLab 1.1
  • (Upd) Fixed nearly-invisible cutout overlay.
  • (Upd) Potential fix for DE3692: Unable to select depth 1 chunks of multi fbx.
  • (Upd) Fixed DE3675: Cannot import a multi-mesh FBX and export it as a destructible without further fracturing.

PhysXLab 1.1 can be downloaded through Developer Support Center. Follow the path:

[Online Support] -> [Downloads] -> [APEX PhysX Lab (beta)] -> [APEX PhysXLab 1.1 (beta)]

If you are experiencing trouble with registration of PhysX Developer account, please refer to our registration guide.

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November 22nd, 2011 at 10:44 pm

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  1. muy buena aplicacion me gustaria saber mas de ella




    28 May 12 at 6:59 pm

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