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Alice: Madness Returns PhysX benchmarks roundup

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Alice: Madness Returns – first game with GPU PhysX support this year and title with most impressive PhysX particle effects.

To determine hardware PhysX performance patterns and GPU requirements we tried to gather all PhysX focused articles and benchmarks, available so far.

[18.06.2011] Alice: Madness Returns GPU test by

One of the first articles with proper GPU PhysX benchmarks.

According to their test, only top level NVIDIA GPUs can ensure decent framerate, while used for both graphics and PhysX calculations (however, from our experience, only most intensive PhysX scenes are affecting performance so negative).

Benchmarks of dedicated PhysX cards are also included:

As you may see, dependance is non-linear – from certain point using more powerfull GPU is not resulting in framerate increase.

[13.07.2011] Alice: Madness Returns Review by

Standart game review with small benchmarking part

Resolution/Settings Performance -
2x GTX 580 SLI
Performance -
GTX 580
1920×1080 in 3D, Max, High PhysX 39.14 FPS 28.4 FPS
1920×1080 in 3D, Max, Medium PhysX 47.11 FPS 35.17 FPS
1920×1080 in 3D, Max, Low PhysX 60 FPS 58.48 FPS
1920×1080, Max, High PhysX 104 FPS 57 FPS
1920×1080, Max, Medium PhysX 118 FPS 63 FPS
1920×1080, Max, Low PhysX 148 FPS 81 FPS
1600×900, Max, Low PhysX 156 FPS 89 FPS
1280×720, Max, Low PhysX 172 FPS 101 FPS

Second of all, Alice has some fantastic PhysX features, though we’ve noticed a big performance decrease when PhysX is set to High. Medium keeps most of the PhysX effects, and users can get better FPS while gaming without sacrificing too much from the effects

[18.08.2011] Alice: Madness Returns — GPU fyzika v akci by PCtuning

Checz article, includes good set of GPU and CPU benchmarks, with various PhysX settings.

– We’ll update this post as more articles emerge –

Written by Zogrim

June 24th, 2011 at 1:30 pm

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  1. 53 fps for min with deticated 480 gtx. that bull i have 2 x 480 one for physx n i see it dip alot lower than that n pretty frequent. also been trying them in sli with 240 gt for physx and it chops pretty bad on high. It runs smooth as silk till the ppu seems to fill up then it start to progressively get worse. any help?




    23 Sep 11 at 10:35 am

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