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Hybrid PhysX: 197.xx drivers and PhysX performance fix

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Recent PhysX drivers 9.10.0222 and 197.xx NV GPU drivers are mostly incompatible with 1.02 GenL Mod for Hybrid PhysX systems (witch hunt, another round) – using this drivers set will results in Metro 2033 crashes, abnormal FluidMark behaviour and performance problems in other PhysX games.

However, user Containforum, known for his Hybrid PhysX installation guide and Catalyst 10.2 extended display fix, has come out with a solution – he created a “patch”, that resolves  performance problems (at least for FluidMark) and allows you to use Hybrid PhysX without necessity to extend display.

Update: You can download containforum’s fix 1.02 here (25 mb). GenL mod must be applied firstly.

Update #2: comment from GenL

Result can’t be called a “patch” anyway. This package contains several unmodified (unpatched) files from PhysX SS v9.09.1112 and v9.10.0129. While this can’t be a proper solution for newer versions of PhysX SS, i’m surprised it worked for people

Update #3: Extended display fix only.

UPDATE: Hybrid PhysX mod 1.03 released – with timebomb fix and lastest drivers support.

It’s recommended to use it with 196.34 drivers and latest PhysX System Software.

Please use this post or comment at youtube to report if this fix is working with other GPU PhysX games, or any problems you will encounter.

Written by Zogrim

March 29th, 2010 at 9:30 am

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46 Responses to 'Hybrid PhysX: 197.xx drivers and PhysX performance fix'

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  1. Hi, i was playing Metro 2033 fine until chapter 3, now i get crashes after 5-15 mins of playing, others games runs fines for hours and hours, and it was metro 2033 too, the only solution i found its taking out my 9600 and leave my 5850 alone and uninstall nvidia drivers, etc. Ive already tried with 196.21, *.34 and 197.13 drivers :(




    11 Apr 10 at 9:35 am

  2. @Porongoso
    Which version of the game do you have? Retail DVD or Steam? Also knowing your operating system would be useful. I am considering running the exact same GPU set up as you (5850 and 9600 GT) and would like to avoid any problems and lots of uninstalling. I have a student upgrade copy of Win7 64bit and that doesn’t take kindly to reinstalling. Thanks.




    11 Apr 10 at 11:58 pm

  3. Would anyone be kind enough to test 197.45 with the extended display fix only + GenL1.02. I would do so myself but my ATI card decided to crap on me and I’m sending it off for RMA.




    14 Apr 10 at 1:38 am

  4. @ ContainForum

    With new 197.45 Driver,

    it works very well to me. Thanks. ^^




    14 Apr 10 at 9:22 pm

  5. Does not seem to work using ati 10.3 drivers in games, only in fluid mark. Nvidia and ati reall do seem to hate eachother don’t they lol.




    15 Apr 10 at 12:50 am

  6. @ BigMac did you make sure not to use my 1.02 patch? You should only use the extended display fix.
    I’ll be sending my ATI card back tomorow.




    15 Apr 10 at 11:54 am

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