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Batman Arkham Asylum PhysX benchmarks roundup

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It’s disputable issue, is Batman Arkham Asylum that long-awaited killer-ap for hardware PhysX technology, but one is undoubtedly – supplementary PhysX effects are very well done, and can greatly increase overall game immersion level. Unfortunately,  heavy PhysX content requires appropriate Nvidia GPU, to help you understand which one – we’ve prepared an overview of PhysX benchmark articles, available on the web.

[17.09.09] Batman Arkham Asylum: PhysX or not PhysX by

Worth viewing article as it contains PhysX comparison videos, and benchmarks with variety of hardware (main – 9800GTX, GTX275, GTX280, dedicated – 8600GT, 9800GTX, GTX275)

[17.09.09] Batman Arkham Asylum Physx Preview by Chris Ray

This article is focused on multi-GPU (SLI, Tri-SLi, quad-SLI) configurations, and include some comparison PhysX screens too.

[21.09.09] Batman: Arkham Asylum – PhysX benchmarks with comparison shots and video by

Contains comparison screenshots and video for in-game benchmark, and some perfomance testing for different PhysX settings as well.

[22.09.09] Batman Arkham Asylum — pořádná akce s PhysX by PCtuning

Massive and interesting overview – benchmarking results with decent amount of AMD and Nvidia GPUs, and even CPU influence tests.

[25.09.09] Batman nVidia PhysX Analysis by DriverHeaven

Probably, best article available currently. Decent descriptive part (videos included), and great benchmarking with various configurations (different CPU, varied PhysX GPU setups) tested.

[25.09.09] Optymalne karty graficzne do Batman: Arkham Asylum. PhysX, porównanie wersji PC, X360 i PS3 by

Article with a small part related to GPU PhysX perfomance.

[29.09.09] Batman: Arkham Asylum – PC review, perfomance and PhysX evaluation by Elite Bastards

Mostly game review, with superficial PhysX perfomance analysis part.

[19.10.09] Batman Arkham Asylum: GeForce, SLI, PhysX e Radeon by Dinoxpc

This article includes benchmarks of hybrid ATI+NV PhysX configuration.

[19.10.09] Batman Arkham Asylum & PhysX Gameplay Review by [H]ard|OCP

Good review, with in-deph perfomance details, like tests with dedicated and hybrid PhysX configurations, CPU utilization with and without PhysX enabled, etc.

[21.10.09] Nvidia PhysX y Batman by MuyComputer

This article features PhysX benchmarks of ASUS Mars GTX 295 GPU.

[09.11.09] Batman: Arkham Asylum: GPUs, CPUs, And PhysX Performance by Tom’s Hardware

Late technical overview, benchmarks with PhysX OFF vs Normal vs High (single and dedicated GPUs), some CPU tests.

[13.11.09] Batman AA en PhysX avec une GTX295 by docGameHardware

Bunch of test with GTX295 and GTX295+8800GTS setups.

[21.11.09] Batman Arkham Asylum: に見るPhysX by

Decent article, includes benchmarks for pure NV and hybrid ATI+NV PhysX setups via various custom sequences (not only built-in benchmark).

– We’ll update this post as more articles emerge –

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