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NVIDIA is continuing to be a partner for physics middleware on PlayStation 4

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Recent announcement of Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 4 console has revealed that the new gaming system will be equipped with custom AMD GPU, capable of GPGPU computations – for example, physics simulation. To showcase its processing power, a live demo of GPU accelerated particle simulation, running on the Havok engine, was demonstrated during the event.

Update: official press-release

Update #2: PhysX SDK and APEX – now on Xbox One

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An opinions began to emerge, that NVIDIA PhysX SDK engine and PhysX Technology as a whole won’t find its place in the world of next-generation consoles and, thus, will be abandoned quickly.

However, official “PlayStation 4 Tools & Middleware Developers” page says that “following middleware companies have their innovative technology solutions available right now to support PlayStation 4 developers”:

Since NVIDIA does not own any AI or Animation middleware, it is pretty clear that PhysX SDK physics engine is implied here. PhysX SDK will support PlayStation 4 and is already available for developers, as our sources, close to the industry, can confirm.

It is yet unclear, how the situation with GPU acceleration (you know, that “NVIDIA technology running on AMD hardware?!?!” stuff) will be handled on PS4 , but it is now certain – PhysX is here to stay.

Update #2: official responce regarding GPU acceleration feature on PS4 was given by NVIDIA to TechPowerUp

Currently, most features in the PhysX SDK run only on the CPU, regardless of platforms. Certain features, such as particle systems and clothing, can be accelerated on a CUDA-capable GPU. We will continue to study the feasibility of alternate implementations, and welcome any feedback from the developer community regarding the value of GPU-accelerated PhysX on all architectures.

Written by Zogrim

February 22nd, 2013 at 10:42 pm

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  1. That sounds like an amusing can of worms…



    David Black

    22 Feb 13 at 11:07 pm

  2. Soo will they allow AMD GPU users on PC to have particle physx? If not then its pretty unfair…



    Tyler Hum

    5 Jun 13 at 10:03 pm

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