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APEX SDK was updated to version 1.2.2

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APEX SDK 1.2.2 update is now available for download.

Update: APEX SDK 1.2.3 released

New release features PhysX SDK 3.2.2 support, includes a bunch of bug-fixes and several new interesting features, like the ability to calculate static stress for destructible objects.

Updated authoring tools will follow.

APEX SDK 1.2.2 – Release Notes

  • APEX Framework 1.2.2
    • APEX requires the use of the PhysX 3.x scene multiple-reader-single-writer lock to access both APEX and PhysX scene objects when using the PxSceneFlag::eREQUIRE_RW_LOCK flag. This allows the application using APEX to access PhysX objects from multiple threads.
  • APEX Destruction 1.2.2
    • Option to include use of stress solver in destructibles. The stress solver attempts to detect and break off chunks deemed to be overly-strained.
    • Introduced a new parameter struct “StrutureSettings” in the destructible actor. Parameters that make up “StructureSettings” affect all actors’ settings structure-wide.
    • New parameters “useStressSolver”, “stressSolverTimeDelay” and “stressSolverMassThreshold” introduced for the stress solver.
    • Option to remove all T-junctions from a fractured mesh. This allows post-processing such as deformation to be applied (for example in a DCC tool).
    • Ability to control the interior materials used when fracturing selected chunks.
    • Ability to add noise to the perimeter faces of cutout chunks.
  • APEX Clothing 1.2.2
    • New ClothingMeshSkinningMap API to get mesh skinning information, so it can be done in the application.
    • New API to add collision objects to a clothing actor. This can be used to implement collision with world objects.

  • APEX Turbulence/Particles 1.2.2
    • Added Turbulence Heat Source assets and actors instead of them being only part of the Turbulence module C++ API.
    • Added setEnabled API to JetFS and AttractorFS to enable/disable a field sampler actor at runtime.
    • BasicIOS: Added NxParameterized collisionWithConvexMesh and collisionWithTriangleMesh to BasicOS to enable/disable different shape collision.
    • Added fluidViscosity to TurbulenceFS.
    • Added 64bit collision filtering between the ParticleIOS (PhysX 3.x particles) and APEX Field Samplers (in the fieldSamplerFilterData member of ParticleIosAssetParam).
    • Changed grid resolution type to an enum. Before it was a float, so it was possible to set invalid values that would cause errors.
    • Particle rendering is now done with a single render buffer for non-interop and a double render buffer for D3D-CUDA interop. Previously it was always double buffered and possibly triple buffered for interop.
    • EditorWidgets: Flipped “Life Remaining” axes to show “Life Time” instead, based on user feedback.

NVIDIA APEX SDK 1.2.2 can be downloaded through Developer Support Center.

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Written by Zogrim

December 13th, 2012 at 1:04 pm

2 Responses to 'APEX SDK was updated to version 1.2.2'

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  1. Still no signs on Physx 3.3 this year? hope it’s released (beta is enough) before GDC next year..




    14 Dec 12 at 1:49 pm

  2. oscarbg: till no signs on Physx 3.3 this year?

    Beta in January-February 2013, as I heard




    14 Dec 12 at 6:03 pm

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