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Best PhysX SDK powered indie games

Published by Zogrim || August 31st, 2009 at 3:08 am

Like others free physics engines,  PhysX SDK has it’s own library of games (and “games”) made by independent developers. Majority of them are hardly playable amateurish stuff, but some looks very good. We’ve tried to pick out most decent, which you can download and play freely.

Currently unsorted indie-games:

Misc. games using PhysX by Stefan | Random App Dump by AquaGeneral

This list will expand as we track more games.

Don’t forget, most titles require PhysX System Software installed to run properly.

Army Ants Froggle Kong
BlockBall Evolution Jump-n-Shout
Flip-Flap Ninja Run
Force Field Accuracy Thunder Wheels
Fragfist Tile Racer

Title: Army Ants

Developer(s): Curiosity Studios

Army Ants is action game for up to four players, controlling multiple battle ants and fighting to the death in a rotating arena, where the gravity changes every turn. Various weapons can be used to destroy and modify landscape.

Our Rating – 4/5

Download Army Ants (45 mb)

Note: DX10 required to run this game

Title: BlockBall Evolution

Developer(s): 4 minds

BlockBall is puzzle game, where player must roll your ball through maze-like levels. Easy to use built-in level editor included.

Our Rating – 4/5

Download BlockBall Evolution (360 mb)

Title: Flip-Flap

Developer(s): Fiola Games

As a sailor you must transport explosive goods by stacking them accurately on your small boat. Flip-Flap is a puzzle game, with nice pixel-art graphics.

Our Rating – 5/5


Download Flip Flap (26.4 mb)

Title: Force Field Accuracy

Developer(s): Static Line Interactive

The goal of the game is to pilot the ram-air parachute to the target, using local wind zones, created with force fields, to your advantage.

Our Rating – 4/5

Download Force Field Accuracy (19.8 mb)

Title: Fragfist

Developer(s): Fragfist Dev Team

Fragfist was supposed to be promising 3D multiplayer action-shooter with vehicles, but development was frozen couple of years ago. One demo level is available for download, where you can drive rocket-armed buggy.

Our Rating – 3/5


Download Fragfist (34.8 mb)

Title: Froggle

Developer(s): Team Hardcode

Froggle is 3D adventure-platformer game, where you controls frog-like creature, that can use its long tongue to grapple, bounce and swing around a world to explore a variety of picturesque environments and complete different sets of challenges.

Our Rating – 5/5

Download Froggle (163.3 mb)

Title: Jump-n-Shout

Developer(s): Thomas Heingaertner, Daniel Santillan

Jump-n-Shout is a jump-and-run-like game featuring physics based gameplay. As a blob you must reach the end of each level by collecting crystals, using stones to jump higher. Also, you can use a microphone to activate the forcefield around your blob.

Our Rating – 5/5

Download Jump-n-Shout (39.8 mb)

Title: Ninja Run

Developer(s): Giuseppe Navarria, Rosario Milone

Winner of The Dobbs Challenge in “Best Total Conversion” category, Ninja Run is cel-shaded 3D platformer, consisting only of one level, unfortunally.

Our Rating – 3/5


Download Ninja Run (13.8 mb)

Title: Thunder Wheels

Developer(s): G-Boot Games

Thunder Wheels is micro-machines style arcade racing game, featuring classic top-down perspective plus third and first person view, realistic physics and circuits editor. Title is still in development, but worth playing.

Our Rating – 5/5

Download Thunder Wheels (85.7 mb)

Title: Tile Racer

Developer(s): Adam Gokcezade, Jochen Leopold, Michael Mayr

Tile Racer is stunt racing game which features realistic car physics and an in-game track editor, that allows creation of new maps to race on.

Our Rating – 4/5

Download Tile Racer (47 mb)

Title: Kong

Developer(s): Martin Sherburn, Nicolas Beuserie

Kong is a freeware top-down shooter featuring monkeys with a thirst for blood in a full 3D environment. Kong currently features three game modes – deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag, with ability to play over a local area network and the internet, or with computer controlled bots.

Our Rating – 5/5

Download Kong (23.3 mb)

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