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PhysX Visual Indicator (PVI) is a switchable 2D overlay, showing if CPU or GPU is used for physics calculations in a given PhysX SDK based game or application. Thus, one can use PhysX Visual Indicator to check GPU PhysX setups operability and driver configuration correctness, or verify what PhysX mode desired game is actually using.

PVI is included with 195.xx and higher GeForce drivers. Should not be confused with PhysX Visual Debugger.


Visual Indicator is a small text box, saying "PHYSX > CPU" (if PhysX simulation is fully running on CPU) or "PHYSX > GPU" (if GPU accelerated content is detected) located at top-left corner of the screen. Nor font-size, nor color, nor placement cannot be changed currently.

PhysX Visual Indicator in CPU and GPU modes
PhysX Visual Indicator in Shattered Horizon (left pic) and Mafia II (right pic)

Enabling/disabling PVI

PhysX Visual Indicator can be switched on and off from NVIDIA Control Panel. It is located under 3D Settings menu-item.

Enabled PhysX Visual Indicator in NVIDIA Control Panel

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