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PhysX 3 Fluid Simulation Demo evolves to Fluid Sandbox

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Few months ago we wrote about interesting project – custom SPH Fluid simulation demo, that was using PhysX SDK 3.0.2 as physics engine and OpenGL as rendering API.

Recently, its author known as Finalspace has presented an updated version of this application, which is now called Fluid Sandbox.

Update: Fluid Sandbox 1.4.5 is up. New version is based on PhysX SDK 3.1 and features improved rendering, additional scenarios, better support for multi-core CPUs, fluid emitters and drains.

New release is named “Sandbox” for a reason – most of the data is now stored in XML format, so it is possible to customize existing scenarios (or even create new ones), edit scene and simulation properties, or add custom obstacles.

Apart from that, updated features include improved Screen Space Fluid Rendering option, new basic scenarios, more flexible settings and properly working interaction between fluid particles and rigid bodies.

As we already mentioned in our previous article, Fluid Sandbox is a great tool to play with, which functionality surpasses any other PhysX Fluid demos ever released.

You can download Fluid Sandbox from original thread at Delphi OpenGL Community forum.

Written by Zogrim

March 7th, 2012 at 11:45 am

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4 Responses to 'PhysX 3 Fluid Simulation Demo evolves to Fluid Sandbox'

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  1. I got from 19 to 17 fps at camera default, 256k particles and test scenario 6 running XP x86 SP3, CPU AMD X6 1055T and GTX 480 w/ 285.58WHQL-PhysX SW v09.12.0213. :D I change from ‘good’ to ‘best’ in fluid blur quality and I like ‘best’ :) but I got artifacts/glitch at ‘best’. lol ;)

    But I like this demo! :D



    7 Mar 12 at 7:22 pm

  2. Finalspace, would you be willing to open source your project so that others might benefit? (Is this for a company?)

    That’s the only way this kind of technology will make it into community-driven gaming. What parts are you using PhysX for? When your program says “GPU enabled: off”, does that mean the SPH method and neighbor check are CPU, or are you still using PhysX for neighbor search?

    It’s a neat box you made, but still a black box so far.


    Rama Hoetzlein

    3 Jul 12 at 12:51 am

  3. Hi. Some more detailed questions:
    - Are you using PhysX SPH simulator, or your own?
    - Did you write your own SPH neighbor search, or are you using PhysX for that?
    - When is PhysX enabled, in both GPU-on and GPU-off modes? (GPU-on could refer to the SPH method only)
    - Are you using CPU multi-core? If so, when is it on?

    Basically trying to understand better where the GPU is being used an where its not.


    Rama Hoetzlein

    3 Jul 12 at 12:56 am

  4. Rama Hoetzlein
    I would say that mr. Finalspace has implemented fluid rendering by himself, other than that Fluid Sandbox is a GUI to SPH fluid simulation functionality of PhysX SDK.
    Simulation can run both on multi-core CPU (by default in Sandbox – 8 threads) or CUDA-capable GPU.



    3 Jul 12 at 11:51 am

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