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Ageia PPU in current PhysX reality

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Question “How Ageia PhysX PPU can handle newest GPU PhysX titles ?” is still interesting for some people, ATI owners for example. NinjaLane has published PhysX Performance Tests – The way games should be played article, that includes benchmarks of old Ageia PhysX PPU card along with Nvidia GPUs.

While PPU is still good at Unreal Tournament 3 and Mirror’s Edge, it has insufficient power to run latest titles like Batman Arkham Asylum with smooth framerate.


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Written by Zogrim

November 6th, 2009 at 12:43 pm

3 Responses to 'Ageia PPU in current PhysX reality'

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  1. i just wonder how they managed to use PPU, as its simply disabled by drivers installed with game. so far i have`nt discovered way to force Ageia PPU to work under this particular title.
    I have founded a lot options , which makes diffrence in the way graphic is displayed, and detail levels showed IF ATI is detected…
    there is no physx even when forced by config files to be used.



    11 Nov 09 at 8:01 pm

  2. “i just wonder how they managed to use PPU, as its simply disabled by drivers installed with game.”
    I presume they just installed older driver like 8.09.04 firstly, an then newest driver above it)



    12 Nov 09 at 10:09 am

  3. i made it yesterday,
    had to install vista 32bits, 3 different version of physx (8.9.4 , 9.9.30 and 9.9.018 , if my memory is good), and replace a patched dll and a lot of patience
    The modded PhysXDevice.dll (PhysX-mod-PPU-1.0.rar) works fine and enables you to play batman with your ati and ageia physx card ( all is explained in the readme file in the rar archive)
    the only thing they dont say in the readme file is that if you try to install the drivers 8.9.4 over the other it won’t work , you ve got to uninstall them before , and it’s ok

    i have a q6600 4870×2 and a PCI ageia , and it’s pretty smooth in the “normal” physx mode (when physx elements appears it must be 25-30fps like its says above, but its sufficient to play this game)
    “high” is too much for it

    to be noticed that : gpu-z dont tell me I have physx , but it works !!

    so dont tell me anymore about nvidia and there stoopid behaviour about physx my ageia rules!!

    if you try this , and the support for the card disappears , just check that the replaced file is still there , if not , replace it again and restart the computer

    no that i saw it’s ok on vista , i ll try on 7 , but that could be not so easy



    11 Mar 10 at 5:03 pm

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