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PhysX SDK 3 Release Roadmap

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During “Tegra Game Devcon 2011” presentation at Google I/O conference, NVIDIA has revealed release plans and roadmap for PhysX SDK 3.

SDK 3.0 has been moved to a 6 month release shedule (~12 months for latest 2.8.x SDKs), and since it features now unified code base across multiple platforms, we can expect more synchronous releases of SDKs for different platforms (we can assume, some of you are still waiting for Linux version of PhysX SDK 2.8.4).

You can also notice, that iOS and Android were added as default platforms of PhysX SDK 3.0.


Written by Zogrim

May 11th, 2011 at 6:59 pm

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5 Responses to 'PhysX SDK 3 Release Roadmap'

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  1. So does this mean we can bitch if there isnt a release every 3 months(ie hardware deformables by Q3/2011)?

    [of course they dont specify who they release to...:-]


    David Black

    11 May 11 at 7:08 pm

  2. David Black:

    So does this mean we can bitch if there isnt a release every 3 months

    If only it had some effect :-/
    Like, people were bitching about Linux 2.8.4 for an year, and what’s the result ?



    12 May 11 at 12:09 pm

  3. Well I didnt notice an actual Linux version of 3.0, but heard rumours of a 2.8.4 version on explicit request(perhaps here)…

    (not even mentioning GPU support and APEX[runtime, if not Maya plugin] on Linux).

    Saying such things is one thing, but unless they have a (SDK) developer who exclusivly uses Linux(and someone who packages the SDK with a working knowledge) it is always going to be intermitant.


    David Black

    12 May 11 at 3:21 pm

  4. David Black: but heard rumours of a 2.8.4 version on explicit request(perhaps here)…

    Yep, afaik Linux 2.8.4 has not passed QA fully, so it was not made available to public.

    Proper cross-platform support for SDK 3.0 (at least Linux + Mac) will be a good reason for devs to switch from 2.8.x/competition, so I hope they’ll give it more attention this time (speaking about free binary here, licensees of course have all they need)



    12 May 11 at 4:06 pm

  5. QA of an SDK rather than a final app always seems a bit of a conunderum to me. Especialy if the number of available apps for a platform is low.

    It would either be a very partial test or test a huge amount of functionality, little of which is exposed(perhaps never) in a real world app.

    How much to test vs how much to leave until the QA of the published app seems like a difficult question. (thinking only about end user experience, of course SDK reputation is important as well).

    I guess what is needed is a major linux(or mac) app with a publisher who has enough clout to get NVIDIA to improve the SDK to a point where they feel it can be released to the general public(most likely a content creation or scientific/simulation app in the case of Linux).


    David Black

    12 May 11 at 5:45 pm

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