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Release the Hybrids ! Nvidia reconsiders ATI+NV PhysX setups ?

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Users at NGOHQ Hybrid PhysX Mod 1.03 discussion have discovered awesome fact – with recent 257.15 GeForce/ION drivers combo ATI + NV PhysX setups are working without need to apply any modifications !

Quoting GenL, Hybrid PhysX mod creator

I’m seriously amazed… seems like you are right! I just didn’t test it yesterday because i saw a user report saying otherwise on another site, but now i’ve tested it by myself on Windows XP and Windows 7 x64 – it really works “out of the box” with 257.15.

In Windows XP i’ve just extended the fake desktop, and on Windows 7 i created one non-extended – that’s all i needed to get GPU-PhysX working. And even more surprising – timebomb issue is gone too, at least for its normal time interval (~30 seconds in FluidMark).

Originally, Hybrid PhysX configurations were officially blocked by Nvidia in Q4 2009.

Update: video from TweakPC, showing Hybrid system working with 257.15 drivers. In addition – tests by Geeks3D

What’s this – accidental mistake or permanent change, ticket to the bright future for Hybrid PhysX systems ?

Update #2: unfortunately, this was just a bug.

Yes, this is a bug in the latest build of PhysX that was packaged with the driver. We’ll be fixing this issue ASAP – the WHQL driver launching in early June won’t have this issue. – NVIDIA.

Shame on you, Nvidia. Anyway, we still have Hybrid PhysX mod.

Update #3: official statement from Nvidia

The fact remains that the investment to do a full QA cycle on this AMD/NVIDIA hybrid GPU configuration is beyond what NVIDIA can support at this time. The cost of maintaining AMD/NVIDIA hybrid configurations is larger than the development expense for PhysX, and I do expect that there are games and configurations where this type of system just won’t work.

Use comments to this post to provide your feedback.

Written by Zogrim

May 27th, 2010 at 11:35 am

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24 Responses to 'Release the Hybrids ! Nvidia reconsiders ATI+NV PhysX setups ?'

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  1. hunhun
    Have you tried older drivers with the mod? Like 185.68 or 190/195?
    Many 8600GT owners complain about this new 257.15… I’m beginning to think there is something wrong with this driver, or perhaps nvidia disabled PhysX altogether for these series.



    31 May 10 at 4:56 pm

  2. Yes…I’ve tried almost everything.
    There is another screen shot taken when only the 8600GT installed.
    Physx still missing… Could the win7×64 cause the problem? Or something is really wrong with my 8600GT.



    1 Jun 10 at 8:17 pm

  3. Anyone having problems needs to install the GenL PhysXmod1.03, even with the v257.15

    Can GenL make a CUDA mod for JustCause2?



    9 Jun 10 at 12:27 am

  4. >CUDA mod for JustCause2?

    You really should ask developers. Afaik even nvidia GPUs are not supported as a non-SLI secondary device.



    11 Jun 10 at 12:48 pm

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