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PhysX 2009: Year in Review

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Finally, it’s time to tally up a total – here is our brief summary on what PhysX Technology has achieved over the past year.


To be honest, situation with GPU PhysX games was not as good as Nvidia promised us previously. Far from “25 [games] between January and March 2009“, not to mention that previously announced hardware PhysX support was suspended in some titles, like Bionic Commando or Terminator Salvation.

Though, past year has brough us some memorable PhysX games, like Mirror’s Edge, Sacred 2, Cryostasis and, of course, Batman: Arkham Asylum. 7 titles with GPU PhysX content for 2009 -  in total.

Speaking of CPU PhysX – it’s adoption was growing rapidly, mostly thanks to asian developers and their countless MMOs. First iPhone games with PhysX engine saw light of day in Q1 2009 – now their library include more then 25 titles.


Major wins for this year on middleware field – PhysX SDK integration with Gamebryo Lightspeed (Emergent), Morpheme 2.0 (Natural Motion) and Speedtree 5 (IDV). Haven’t we said that all Natural Motion’s product line will incorporate PhysX SDK in the future ?

PFlow Box #2 Pro from Orbaz, excellent PhysX SDK based plug-in for 3ds Max, was released in June. Later on it was updated to SDK 2.8.3, providing complete support for 64-bit 3ds Max.


APEX Toolset, framework that allows developers to create and scale physics effects much more easily, was finally shown on GDC 2009. And it was already used in certain games, like Darkest of Days.

Many devs were waiting for PhysX SDK 3.0, rumored SDK based on new architecture and full of new features, but only SDK 2.8.3 (with 64-bit support and new cloth solver) was revealed to public. Now insiders say that SDK 3.0 is slated for GDC 2010.

New DCC 2.01 plug-in for 3ds Max, reworked from scratch and much better thought-out than old 1.0x plug-ins, was released just a day before Christmas. DCC plug-ins are going to be “gateway” to the most popular features from the PhysX SDK and upcoming APEX modules.


ATI+NV PhysX Hybrid systems idea was tested by some enthusiasts even in 2008, but only recently it spread its wings – even not supported officially by Nvidia, Hybrids are getting more and more popular, thanks to third party patch.

EVGA GTX 275 CO-OP PhysX – exceptional card with two different GPU – G200 (GTX 275 – for graphics) and G92 (GTS 250 – for PhysX) combined on one PCB, was presented in October.

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Well, that’s it. Happy New Year to everybody ! :)

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December 31st, 2009 at 12:23 am

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