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PhysX SDK was updated to version 3.2.3

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NVIDIA has released yet another set of bug-fixes for PhysX SDK 3.x

Update: PhysX SDK 3.2.4 is available


PhysX SDK 3.2.3 – Release Notes

  • General
    • Quaternions passed through the API are now considered valid if their magnitude is between 0.99 and 1.01.
    • Fixed crash when running out of memory on creation of a triangle mesh.
    • For applications using floating point exceptions, the SDK will now mask or avoid exceptions arising from invalid floating point operations (inexact and underflow exceptions may still be generated).
    • Fixed a bug with recursive use of the PxScene read/write lock.
    • Fixed a shutdown bug with very short lived threads on Linux platforms.
    • PhysX version number in error messages now printed in hex for easier reading.
  • Broad Phase
    • Fixed a broad phase crash bug that occurred when deleting shapes with bounds very far from the origin.

  • Collision Detection
    • Documentation of limits of PxShape counts has been added for affected platforms
    • Made kinematics interact better with CCD.
    • Added support for disabled contact response in CCD by respecting the dominance setting. In this case, CCD will emit events but will not alter the motion of the bodies.
    • Fixed potential crash in eENABLE_PCM codepath.
  • Rigid Bodies
    • Fixed bug in force based contact reports. An assert could occur when PxPairFlag::eNOTIFY_THRESHOLD_FORCE_PERSISTS was set and PxPairFlag::eNOTIFY_THRESHOLD_FORCE_FOUND was not set.
    • Twist Limit range is documented for revolute and D6 joints, and validated.
    • Reduced the number of SDK allocations when using CCD.
  • Scene Queries
    • Raycasts against heighfields now return correct actual mesh index, which can be used for getTriangle().
    • Fixed bug that caused scene queries to miss hits for static rigid bodies that got moved around (after having been added to the scene).
    • Fixed rebuilding the dynamic structure properly when used for static rigid bodies.
    • Fixed a rare crash in heightfield raycast code.
  • Character Controller
    • A new runtime tessellation feature has been added, that can help reducing FPU accuracy issues in the sweep tests.
  • Convex Hulls
    • Zero-sized convex hull data double delete detection fix.
  • Vehicles
    • Vehicles with sleeping rigid body actors but with non-zero acceleration or steer inputs are now processed as normal in PxVehicleUpdates and will automatically have their rigid body actor woken up.
    • New function PxVehicleSetUpdateMode to allow PxVehicleUpdates to select between applying accelerations to vehicle rigid bodies or immediate updating of their velocity.
  • Particles
    • Fixed a non-deterministic crash appearing with rigid bodies using CCD and gpu particles in the same scene.
  • PhysX Visual Debugger
    • Material release events are now correctly sent to PVD.
  • RepX
    • Add more RepX class information in PhysXAPI document.

PhysX SDK 3.2.3 can be downloaded through Developer Support Center.

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January 23rd, 2013 at 1:41 am

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  1. Hi I have found recently to my surprise that PhysX has no way currently to expose GPU buffers of simulated data so that this can be used to feed rendering Apis (OGL,D3D) directly and data have to go way back to CPU for rendering.. (I posted on NV forums but hope you can motivate NV to fix faster than I ) As said currently no GPU modules such as particle one (which includes SPH fluids) and that will get worse once more modules come GPU accelerated rigid bodies come to Physx.. also wanted to try to some raytracing fluid demo such as in GTC last year to no avaiable.. note that I refer to binary release as licensees to full source code would require minor modifications to enable..



    9 Feb 13 at 7:40 pm

  2. oscarbg: but hope you can motivate NV to fix faster than I

    I asked them to pay attention to your thread. All I can do now)



    12 Feb 13 at 12:13 am

  3. Many thanks!



    13 Feb 13 at 5:24 pm

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