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Author Topic: Mafia II and PhysX - new details  (Read 12100 times)
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« on: August 18, 2009, 11:25:52 PM »

NOWGamer has published interesting Mafia II interview, that reveals some details about how PhysX SDK is used in the game

NOWGAMER: Tell us about Mafia II tech: how has the Illusion engine been tailored to the game and what role does PhysX play ?

DG:As for the role PhysX plays specifically, we are using it of course for the usual stuff - such as our driving models, cloth simulation, water and particles, but where we are pushing the boundaries for an open-world game are the destructible environments. These are really detailed areas that the player can take apart a piece at a time. It really is mind blowing to shoot the individual blades off ceiling fans, blowing holes in wooden tables... it really adds that level of detail that is usually missing in open-world games.

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It's unknow currently, is Mafia II using PhysX SDK for calculations on CPU, or supports GPU PhysX features, but all those "cloth simulation, water and particles" mentioning leave some hope, as it's typical hardware accelerated content (or can be easily scaled to it)
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