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Author Topic: Wanted ! PhysX SDK based games and projects  (Read 16227 times)
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As you may know, Nvidia (previously - Ageia) PhysX SDK is multi-platform physics engine, which adoption by developers is growing rapidly.
Unfortunally, since SDK has become free for PC developers, no one was watching over PhysX SDK based titles in full. In order to keep all information in one place, site called "Projects using PhysX SDK" was established in January 2007. All gathered data is based on open sources, mostly from internet.

If you want to help, you can provide us with valuable information about PhysX SDK based projects, since our resources are limited, and we simply can not check every game or program.

Please post your findings in following thread.

Some tips, about how to find out, is certain game or application using PhysX SDK or not

|1| - Internet
Found PhysX logo on game website ? Heard someone was referring to PhysX on forums ? PhysX reference in interview with developers or game review ? PhysX was listed in game engine features ? Just post title name and/or appropriate link, we'll investigate

|2| - Game itself
If you already are game owner, there are some ways to check it's PhysX "orientation"
- Game cover and/or title screen has or logo, or any other pointers to PhysX engine usage
- PhysX (PhysX SDK, PhysX by Nvidia/Ageia, etc) is mentioned in game credits (usally at the end with other middleware) or readme file
- for PC users only: game is trying to install PhysX System software package, and/or game folder contains engine .dll's like PhysXCore.dll, PhysXCooking.dll, NxCharacter.dll, NxCooking.dll, NxExtensions.dll, etc

|3| - Developer
You are developer, your game, game engine or middleware is using PhysX SDK, you are free from NDA and can reveal it's name ?  Feel free to share your information with us.
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