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Author Topic: Unity DirectX 11 Competition Recap  (Read 8019 times)
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Unity DirectX 11 Competition - a chance for developers to proove their DX11 programming skills and win a grand prize, $10 000 and a a ticket to Unite 2013 conference.
As for Unity Technologies, the organizers of the competition - chance to promote their latest Unity 4 engine, first one with DX11 support.

While the competition has ended and the winner is known, some entries deserve special mention, as they were focused on using DX11 compute capabilities for physics simulation.  

The Museum of the Microstar (GrandPrize Winner)
An amazing demo, featuring DirectX 11 Tessellation Shaders, GPU Simulated Particles (using compute shaders for simulation & collision computations), and a physically-based shading model.
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Water Simulation
Heightfield water simulation on GPU, which can also interact with regular PhysX rigid body objects.

Web Demo
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Volumetric smoke simulation and rendering.
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