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Author Topic: Your Favorite GPU Physx games  (Read 5561 times)
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« on: October 14, 2011, 08:16:00 AM »

Now I tried not to repeat from my ppu games.

5. Darkest of Days( First off I like the premise of the game but its lacking in the graphics area but with the added physx it makes the game look a lot better and gives it an interesting atmosphere)

4.Cryostasis- An interesting game, ran really crappy on the ppu but runs a lot better on the gpu and changes the game and makes the environment feel more unique.

3. Dark Void- Good game, the particles from the weapons look amazing, especially the disintegrator. I can't even imagine playing this game on consoles now.

2.Mafia 2- The added effects are amazing, explosions, coats, everything just feels more realistic plus personally I think its an amazing game, I just need to finish it.

1. Alice Madness Returns- The added physx effects makes this messed up fantasy world even come more to life and gives the fluid enemies much more character. Its lot of added little touches in this game but it really helps polish it off.
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