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Author Topic: Destruction is the new ragdolls, says Havok  (Read 8239 times)
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An interesting interview with Andrew Bowell, worldwide head of product management at Havok, was posted by GamesIndustry.

"The way that ragdolls became the last generation thing and everything had to be ragdolls, we reckon next generation, everything's going to have to be destructible" Bowell said. "It will be no longer acceptable to walk into a room where you can't punch a hole in the wall or break a table and see it splinter."

"It's more key than ever that developers don't waste time writing actual tech," Bowell said. "Guys that I talk to and publishers, they just want to get their games to market as quickly as they can. I think it's a great opportunity for all middleware, to be honest."

That is actually very true - often not the technology (solvers and algorithms) itself, but the availability of a proper authoring toolset, a complete solution, define the degree of physics implementation in the actual games.  

Thus, let's see, if Havok set of current (Destruction, Cloth, Physics) and upcoming (Project Anarchy) middleware solutions will change the face of physics in next-gen console and mobile games.

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